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Last few days for some reason I have been imagining over and over following situation.

Young girl on her best emo kid period trying to sneek out from home. Mom yells from living room to come there just before she get out. Girl brase herself and go to living room being apsolute sure that that was that and she will not get to the home parties with friends. Following conversation is talked
“Where are you going?”
“To friend…”
“Does that friend have name?”
“Er… we call her Potato…”
“And this miss Potato is having a house party?”
“And you are thinking that that is proper way to dress up foe those kind of party, young miss?” Mom is claring dissaproving Girls clothes, hair and make up. Girl jolt in her clare and answer quied “yes.” Being to tal absolute sure that she will not make to thw parties and if she ever make therw she is dress up like 10 year old “i wanna be princess” and that thouhgt is humiliating enought.

"Ztch ztch ztch. Not gonna happen young miss. First of all…" "But mom! Every one other is…" "… I don’t let my child…""coming and I will be bullied if…"".. to look so unstyled even she is having…""… I am not there!""… teenage black stage. Also your eye make up is on your chin. Now come with me. ""MOM! I NEED TO BE THERE!" "And who said you would not be there?" Girl look mom who is smiling evil smile.

"Also are you sure if your friend is okay to be called Potato? I would not like that kind of nickname but what I am to say when I was called Fish for good part of my teen age years. Now come. I will show you how to fix your make up and do some part of it for you because you clearly need more practise than you have time right now. Remind me next family day to show my tricks. Do you have any picture what you was trying to do in your phone?" Girl just stare her mom thinking what the f**** us going on. "Or is it from some magazine? Also you will be using your brothers old black jeans. They are not absolute fit to you but much better looking that those school jeans of yours and I assume that You don’t at the moment favor skirts at all. At least I have not seen you to use them very often. Need to remember buy you your own when we mext time go cloth shopping." "Mom what…" "Also here. Take a look from these updo pictures while I go get my black blouse to you. I will fix your hair." Mother give girl her own phone where is open google search about "quick black hair updo" and walk away from room while yelling to other side of house. "Dear where did you put that tie box of yours? I need it."

Girl stare after her mom good 10 second before coming back to her sences. She fast text to her friend that she will be late and after second thought she ask is it really okay to them call her Potato.

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finnish tongue twisters, yo.

translations for your amusement:

  • Yksikseskös yskiskelet, itsekseskös itkeskelet, yksikseskös istuskelet, itkeskellen yskiskelet. Are you coughing alone, crying by yourself, sitting alone, coughing while crying?
  • "Kas vain!" sanoi kasvain, ja kasvoi vain. Vain kasvain voi kasvaa noin vain. "Well, well!" said a tumor, and kept on growing. Only a tumor can get bigger just like that.
  • Vesihiisi sihisi hississä. The water goblin hissed in an elevator.
  • Vasta vastaa vasta vastaavasta vastavastaavasta. The bath whisk answers only for the respective person responsible for the bath whisk.
  • Keksijä Keksi keksi keksin. Keksittyään keksin keksijä Keksi keksi keksin keksityksi Inventor Cookie invented the cookie. After inventor Cookie had invented the cookie, he invented that the cookie was invented.
  • Appilan pappilan apupapin papupata. The bean casserole of the deacon of the rectory of Appila (name of place or “the father-in-law’s home”).
  • Piukka paikka, peikko: paukkupuikko poikki. It’s a tough situation, troll: the bang stick is broken.
  • Kokoa kokoon koko kokko! Koko kokkoko? Koko kokko. Gather up a full bonfire! A full bonfire? A full bonfire.

i’m so happy to be Finnish because if I had to learn to speak the language I probably wouldn’t

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"So what… You aren’t even Finnish or living in Finland?"

A comment in the post where I told I was going to visit Helsinki.

I’m Finnish and I do live in Finland. Just not in Helsinki. 

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Anonymous said: Hello! So I am absolutely terrible at arguing, but my OC is not supposed to be. He is way more persuasive and clever than I am, and he can easily win a debate, so how can I RP someone who is far above my level? I'm afraid of writing weak arguments that will make him look stupid.

It’s actually really easy to be good at arguments and debates, especially if you’re in an rp setting and can make shit up. :D Here are some personal tips from me on how to construct an argument. Remember the PEA! Point, evidence, analysis. Before constructing any argument, try to know what your point is. Try to write a topic sentence, as concise as possible, like “The Avengers will kick the X-Men ass in a battle located in New York City”. Evidence! Try to have at least three pieces of evidence possible in order to back up your point, and always analyze this evidence afterwards. “Because The Avengers have Captain America” Evidence! “Who really has a nice ass and no one can beat his ass cause he has the best one, duh!” Analysis! “Because Wolverine will totally help the Avengers. As seen in graphic novel blah blah blah, Wolverine’s loyalty lies with the Avengers and not with the X-Men.” That’s basically how I would do it in any sort of essay writing slash pseudo debate scenario. 

Here are some links to help you with constructing arguments:

Depending on how you want to play your character, there are a lot of ways to be persuasive. Your character can be more intellectual, coming up with good points to persuade someone to do good. Or, your character can be cunning and achieve it through subtle psychological hints and body language. For example, if you’re drinking with someone, every time that person laugh, by taking a drink you can make them associate the happy and free feeling of being drunk with you. So they naturally listen to you more. Obviously, that’s really sneaky, so it’s up to your character traits on whether that would be included. All persuasive characters have one thing in common and that’s confidence. So as the writer, you have to be confident in what your character’s motivations are. Be sure that you know why your character is persuading someone to do as such. Is it because they always want to be right? Or, is it because they are more manipulative?

Here are some links to help:

And for playing someone more clever than you are, google helps. Really. I’m currently playing an electrical engineer and I have no idea how to even begin. But it’s always about the research. When a specific topic comes up like, building a tiny robot camera, I google how to build a robot camera. It’s legitimately all I do for every character. When I roleplay Hawkeye, I think I had thirty tabs open at one point telling me how to shoot an arrow and how to calculate wind direction affecting said arrow. So you know, bullshit a little bit, and google a little bit. Throw really long words at your roleplayer and it’s all good. 

Here are some links:

Hope that helps!

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truer words have never been spoken

I share that headcanon. c:

>implying that Link being a dweeb isn’t actual canon















Link’s awkwardness appreciation post.

this is the man who is saving hyrule

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can someone bring capes back into fashion

when the fuck did they even go out of fashion

Why the fuck did they even go out of fashion







The first time the Incredibles took over a post and I am so happy about it

reminder that stratogale was in high school when she got sucked into the airplane propeller and died

do you ever just think edna sat in the back of the funeral in the little hometown church
the sound of sniffling and crying surrounding her
wearing a floor-length black dress and a black veil to hide her puffy eyes as she takes out her sketchbook and starts ripping all her design ideas for costumes out
whispering “no capes. no capes. no capes.” over and over, knowing that it was her fault a high school student died a horrific, painful death to the point where they can’t have a body to bury





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